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Our Philosophy

What kind of gift do you have in mind?
You can send anything. Food, accessories, money, or even homemade cookies.
Whatever you send, we think that along with the gifts, your feelings are also sent.

In Japan, these feelings have historically been reflected in items such as Mizuhiki and Noshi.
They express the flowers and colors of spring, features and pattern of summer, the sorrow at times of sadness and happiness when things look bright.
It may just seem like a formality, but they are in fact reassuring partners for you as the sender of gifts, helping you to “add” to that feeling being conveyed. (Soyuru means to add/attach in Japanese.)

Soyuru was established for everyone who wants to enjoy the traditional Japanese culture.
It reinterprets and modernizes the manners and rules around a gift, developed and cultivated in Japan, into a more approachable form.

How about adding to your feelings with Soyuru?

Soyuru basic gift wrapping set

The set includes the followings.


Stickers (transparent and white background)

  • Seasonal design
  • Basic words and Noshi
  • 1 each

3 kinds of mizuhiki, 4 each

10 pieces of mount paper

Leaflet of how to use Soyuru

Description of seasonal design

How To Use Soyuru

Select a sticker that you like. Choose words, "Thank you " or "Congrats" etc., depend on your gift situation.

You can put stickers on wrapped gifts but we recommend to use a piece of mount paper. Add that mount paper to your present can make it a proper gift easily.

All you need to know is whether it should be "Musubikiri", unabe to tie it again, or "Awabi-musubi", able to tie it agin.

Adding seasonal design stickers would be nice.

A Noshi sticker can be used to fix mount paper.

You can use stickers and Mizuhiki to decorate letters or other things.


Soyuru is available on the following online shops.


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